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You may download any of the LiveTime programs below at any time. In order to use the software, you will first need to create an account so you can log in to the system.

Please choose a product below. LiveTime Scoring Engine is the primary scoring system. All other products will communicate with Scoring Engine.

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Scoring Engine is the program you will use to run your races with ease. All other software from LiveTime will communicate with Scoring Engine to get data.

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System Requirements:
  • Windows 10 and 11 supported (with the latest Windows Updates)
  • Minimum Specs: 1.4Ghz processor, 1GB Ram, 1024x768 resolution
  • Recommended Specs: Dual-Core 2Ghz processor, 4GB Ram, 1920x1080 resolution
  • An internet connection is not required, but it is required for live result features
Current Version: 3.8.1 (Release Date: Feb 13, 2020)

NOTE: Version numbers are not decimals. Version is newer than (10 is higher than 9).
Version: Release Date: Release Notes:
3.8.1 Feb 13, 2020
  • Fixed open practice issue occurring when personal best column is checked
3.8.0 Feb 12, 2020
  • Added tracking for pit stops, joker lanes, and speed traps that can now be viewed in the Laps/Splits flyout on the race screen
  • Added better support for decoder power loss scenarios during racing
  • Added warning about Windows 7 end of life
  • Added additional manufacturers
  • Added additional sound effect that can be played if the leader crosses the finish on a TQ pace
  • Renamed 'heat sheets' to 'lineups' and 'final standings' to 'final results'
  • Updated event registrations tab to use the space better, show more details, and offer more reporting options
  • Added reporting flyout on the race screen for each quick printing
  • Added better indicator when the database is being updated
  • Added progress bar in unknown transponder display on race screen
  • Added total race count when seeding races for a better idea of how many races will be created before hitting generate
  • Fixed an issue where a driver for a class could be added to multiple different mains of the same letter
  • Fixed an issue if announcer queue if a voice isn't found or is available from Windows
  • Fixed issue where using permanent numbers with drivers without them in open practice was causing an error to pop up
  • Fixed some event type situations that weren't showing an estimateed qualifying position
  • Fixed issue where larger reports were sometimes not working until after a 5 minute delay
  • Fixed an issue when partially seeding a round the prior round count wasn't being calculated correctly
  • Fixed an issue when partially seeding a round with brackets all bracket races were being duplicated resulting in many empty races
  • Fixed issue when seeding by driver ability race count adjustments weren't being respected when generated
3.7.1 Nov 14, 2019
  • Heat sheet sponsor sheet can now be sorted by number or race order
  • Permanent numbers can now be used in open practice even without an event selected
  • Estimated position now shows permanent numbers if used in the event
  • Speed trap measurement fixed, must now be input in meters (display can still be mph)
3.7.0 Oct 17, 2019
  • Added ability to track frame number per event class registration
  • Added ability to adjust when a driver is marked broken based on average lap
  • Speed trap column is now highlighted while the driver is in the speed trap
  • Broken status is now checked more often and should be detected much sonner than before
  • Decoder split configuration now requires setting which decoder is the start and which is the end
  • Modifications to updating and deleting should improve performance on slower machines
  • Added ability to designate a speed trap length seperate from split lengths
  • Fixed Decoders > Configuration > Communication tab column showing 'Unknown' when using 'USB Direct'
  • Fixed issue where an open practice that starts with a pit in not starting the pit timer
3.6.4 Sep 30, 2019
  • Changed wording from delete to archive for Track/Class/Driver
  • Ctrl+U will go into un-archive mode to allow restore of archived Track/Class/Driver in those areas
  • Moved event registration number to a new driver class tab called Event Information (more to be added here in the future)
  • Fixed sorting logic in races with multiple classes to avoid staggered start sorting too soon
  • Fixed round result report to no longer show a subreport error
3.6.3 Sep 27, 2019
  • Updated video tab to align with menu name changes in OBS
  • Fixed issue where tie breaker not being properly selected for event main seeding Results option causing numbering issues
3.6.2 Sep 25, 2019
  • Added option to add/remove flags in the race editor
  • Updated top times report for event level reporting
  • Update Main Seeding option to allow any option to be best X rounds
  • Remove Main Seeding 'Fastest Single Round' since the option 'Result' using best 1 round is the same thing
  • Updated UI of the event class lists
  • Fixed issues around main seeding options being created multiple times, resulting in errors when loading the program
3.6.1 Sep 11, 2019
  • Add Settings > Reports option to show final standings position in the series report
  • Additional database indexes were added for speed improvements when loading races
  • Fixed name display for 'nick name first last' and 'nick name last, first' to add back in the space
  • Fixed issue when saving a series edit then changing the series not taking the user back to series selection
  • Fixed issue where changing the order of classes in an event then changing race screen settings causing renumbering of class order issues
3.6.0 Sep 4, 2019
  • Added event copy options to bring over drivers/rentals when copying events
  • Merged play and pause buttons. One shortcut for combined button instead of one for each
  • Event verification report allows for display name changes and sorting by nick name
  • Round types can now be switched even after a Main round is created in an event
  • Added ability to change time until race start in time table countdowns based on a given time
  • Unassign a driver option added to open practice editor
  • Event Registrations tab now allows for changing of Country and Chassis Manufacturer
  • Main round results report now only shows final race with double/triple main results when choosing to show 'Only Top Main'
  • Improved final standings rendering
  • Issue now required to type in before submitting error logs
  • Adding a transponder that matches an unknown driver in open practice now refreshes it with driver name/class
  • Fixed forced lap keyboard shortcut to no longer include time
  • Fixed live per class sorting on race screen with multiple classes racing at the same time
  • Fixed seed sorting when using a past event or active series
3.5.0 Aug 21, 2019
  • Added option to generate a new round ordered by 'Completed Event Final Standings'
  • Added option to generate a new round ordered by 'Active Series Position'
  • Tie-breaker of most rounds in highest position now using Seeding rounds instead of Practice rounds
  • Added ability to toggle one-key manual laps from keyboard and NumPad in Settings > Keys tab
  • Added warning when loading a database that was previously used as a child database
  • Installer now tries to close ScoringEngine during upgrade
  • Added inidcators in the series event selection to show if an event is completed
  • Added Roche, TRG, VBC, Xpress chassis manufacturers
  • Settings > General now allows for announcer to call vehciles 'boats' in addition to 'cars'
  • Fixed issue with double main best single result causing errors on the race screen druing races
  • Fixed issue where mains weren't being allowed to be seeded in some cases without an existing qualifying round
  • Fixed series results left grid not scrolling properly when the list got large
3.4.4 Jul 31, 2019
  • Added ability to auto print and archive when editor changes save
  • Added additional syncing of setting changes in specific main settings from race screen and event class tab
  • Add Data tool to unregister those in the current event that are registered but not yet placed into any races
  • Fixed issue where applying race reordering changes then drag and dropping again caused errors
  • Fixed ScoringEngine client reconnection issue where it wasn't connecting back to the correct address
  • Fixed issue on child computer where modal dialog showing transponder conflicts were appearing and blocking races from being run
3.4.3 Jul 24, 2019
  • Fixed an issue in Schedule where dragging one driver over another in a different race had an error
3.4.2 Jul 24, 2019
  • Added Points as a column option for race result reporting
  • Added LiveRaceMedia resync triggers to final standings and leaderboards when registration changes occur
  • Fixed race screen display refresh issue where personal transponder not updating when dragged onto a rental
  • Fixed issues where tie breakers relied on mulitmain results that didn't exist
  • Fixed issue where applying reordering of races throws a database warning
3.4.1 Jul 17, 2019
  • Fixed an issue where multi-main estimated position refreshes were causing errors
3.4.0 Jul 17, 2019
  • Seeding can now be done at a per class level. Existing rounds can have classes seeded into them
  • EasyLap support has been added. We welcome all the new Mini-Z tracks using LiveTime!
  • Renamed Heat/Main (or Rounds) section to Schedule. Expect more pre-planning and time estimate features coming into this area in the future
  • Caution flags option moved to general settings. If you use caution flags, go to settings > flags to verify caution settings
  • All shortcuts are now required to use the Ctrl key (so manual lap for Car #1 is Ctrl+1). Check settings > keys for a list of all shortcuts
  • Updates to settings during a race are now immediately applied, and the results are immediately recalculated. This includes minimum lap time adjustments
  • Added ability to rent transponders out per event. You can track who has each transponder, if they paid for the rental, and mark them returned at the end of the event
  • Import file now includes many more columns, can be imported in any column order, and supports international characters. Most columns are now optional. FirstName and LastName is required always, and ClassName is additionally required for an event import
  • Time table shortcuts have been added
  • Added a new round type called Seeding. In most cases any round type can be chosen when choosing seeding options
  • Custom point scales are now supported in series
  • Updates to RMonitor and MultiLoop timing protocols have been done for broadcast compatibility
  • Fixed issues where multiple automatic start setups were causing some races to finish with everyone on a zero lap/zero time result
  • Added ability to adjust the start and end time of any race in the editor and recalculate results
  • Added more visibility of permanent car numbers to various screens and reporting
  • Added lap count and additional announcement options around unknown transponders during a race to help find and fix them quickly
  • Event list now shows all events for all tracks. Events can be updated to link to a different track if needed
  • Race Browser flyout on the race screen now allows selection of races in different rounds
  • Added new event point option that award points for each position gained in a race
  • Added additional places to access and edit the notes for each race
  • Enhancements have been added to the final standings report, and it now syncs to LiveraceMedia
  • Added an option to print heat sheet reports in a condensed format, which removes seeding information columns to instead fit more heats per sheet
  • Additional top 2 consecutive reporting options now available
  • Added better stability during bad wifi/internet connections
  • Parent/child now communicates caution flag updates
  • Added sound effect triggers when caution flags are used
  • Added additional manufacturers
  • Changed back to lap option during caution to allow for typing in a lap number (versus a drop down selection that was shown in the past)
  • Changed a default setting so that caution laps are not counted into statistic calculations (like average lap)
  • Announcements based on the amount of time passing during a race no longer take into account time in caution
  • Additional touch support added. You can now drag and move, as well as long touch to get right-click options
  • Added a grip area to each race in the reorder races area that makes dragging and dropping races more more performant. Clicking the race name will now just bring up the race and conflicts on the left hand side
  • Fixed issue where being connected to a decoder, then losing that connection and starting a race disconnected, was a causing a time display issue on the race screen
  • Added new main sorting option for Australian RC tracks
  • Fixed issue when clicking to create a new driver, the searched first and last names weren't pre-filling into the form
3.3.4 Dec 12, 2018
  • Improved responsiveness of countdown timer announcements
  • Fixed issue of race order not resetting after a false start
3.3.3 Dec 11, 2018
  • Updated staggered start announcements to say permanent car numbers when available
  • Fixed recalculation button in race editor
  • Fixed issues when sorting by statistics (like Top 3 Consecutive) that some might not obtain during a race
  • Fixed issue where nickname wasn't being deleted after typing one in to search for a driver
  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking around the back button in the race lineup drop-down then clicking back was causing a crash
3.3.2 Dec 7, 2018
  • Fixed issue keeping computers that are offline from seeing the login screen
3.3.1 Dec 3, 2018
  • Fixed the adding/removing of drivers after a race to now properly get race points
  • Fixed links and buttons that stopped opening the web browser
  • Fixed issue where some announcement checkboxes were not working/saving in settings
3.3.0 Nov 26, 2018
  • Back to back highlighting now shows to the left or right depending on where the conflict is. Highlighting also compares the last and first race of the same round
  • Printing, archiving, and report options are now in seperate tabs under settings
  • Updated the flow of the detailed time table screen. Settings no longer reset after a round is added. Date selection updates time table immediately.
  • Added personal best information underneath driver. It can be turned on via the columns flyout. Show best laps/time of an practice or qualifying round since the last track layout change.
  • You can now change the disqualification in the race editor
  • Added catch when no voices are available in Windows to prevent the closing of the application
  • If a driver already has a transponder number for a class, when registration is clicked the cursor now goes to the last name search instead of the transponder number entry box
  • Updated the race screen to show a modal wait message when a start delay is set and the race is started
  • Fixed an issue where qual points weren't being calculated correctly if a driver was in a class over multiple races but was not in any races for a round
  • Fixed a time table issue where deleted selections weren't always working properly, keeping items that were selected instead of deleting them.
  • Fixed time table issue where first race of a new round not auto completing/changing to the next race
  • Fixed an issue where track records were still showing deleted races/rounds/events
  • Fixed an issue that caused position 0 to sometimes appear in live broadcasts
  • Fixed an issue where the time table stopped working after a database backup has started
3.2.0 Oct 30, 2018
  • Added Top 2 Consecutive to more options and reporting
  • Changed editor behaviour to always resort upon saving race result edits
  • Fixed issue with holeshot when decoder is disconnected when starting a race but comes online before the first loop is passed
  • Added WRC and Shepherd Racing as chassis manufacturers
  • Added the country of Curacao
  • Added immediate updating of the heat sheets online after bumps occur
  • Updated .NET Framework being used from 4.7.1 to 4.7.2
  • Fixed performance issue where decoder records were being saved too quickly, causing a few customers to get database locks
  • Fixed an issue where a super pole result was showing up in the qual points report before the super pole round was completed
  • Fixed issue where a false start from the parent computer wasn't happening on the child
  • Fixed issue where the global setting to go to race 1 on round change was causing the time table switching to go to race 1 every time the race switched
  • Adjusted main seeding point rules default to not have overrides checked for no laps and disqualifications
  • Fixed staggered start caution time subtraction calculation the was taking off too much time at the end of the race causing the pace to be calculated incorrectly
3.1.3 Oct 18, 2018
  • Added update to timeline to filter out splits
  • Added clear transponder rental button to Rounds tab
  • Fixed drivers to now clear transponder rentals when a personal one is assigned in an event
  • Fixed transponder rental by color/car number causing drivers to get assigned when they have a personal transponder
3.1.2 Oct 11, 2018
  • Added the ability to add a driver to a transponder rental directly from the race screen
  • Switching between race points and qual points now immediately refreshes the default point scale used
  • Increased the class notes size
  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking a driver name in the registration tab list caused the program to stop
  • Fixed an open practice issue where the initial sector was not being recorded in a multiple decoder setup
  • Fixed an issue where dragging to reorder classes, then changing a setting, was causing duplicate order numbers
3.1.1 Oct 6, 2018
  • Added refresh of the race screen when drivers are reordered in the Rounds area
  • Corrected options available when using the combined classes event type to only be race points
  • Fixed issues where seeding additional qualifying rounds when not running qual or race points
  • Fixed issues where some point calculations weren't triggering a refresh properly
  • Fixed an issue with applying transponder rentals to a round causing an error
3.1.0 Oct 3, 2018
  • An updated user interface with a cleaner, more modern look and feel
  • Added cloud transponder lookups on the race screen for unknown transponders to help make faster choices on assignment
  • Improved, easy to access editor for race results and practice sessions
  • Lap recovery features for MYLAPS X2 and RC4 (P3 protocol) allow for the possibility of recovering a race if a computer goes down
  • Much deeper customization of race and qual points added across different rount types in events
  • Printers, sounds, announcements, and transponder rental settings are now system wide for easier access
  • Class settings are now more customizable per round type
  • Additional options for multi-decoder setups now available, including GPS synchronization
  • Additional flyout options allow for more visibility and adjustments to occur during racing
  • Additoanl race formats allow for more customization per racing event
  • Cloud restore option allows faster recovery of classes and drivers for a new computer on your same account
  • Added additional options for heads-up first lap
  • Addressed printer and announcement issues as a result of a recent Windows update
2.11.7 May 2, 2018
  • Fixed bump-ups not appearing if settings or lap adjustments are made during the course of the race
2.11.6 Apr 3, 2018
  • Fixed issue with unknown transponder drag and drops and forced start
2.11.5 Mar 28, 2018
  • Added performance enhancements between races for cloud syncing
  • Updated Microsoft reporting module to latest version
  • Fixed issue with Basic subscription when starting a race after changing registration counts
  • Fixed pit time display refreshing during a race
  • Fixed DQ toggling on race screen not taking effect
  • Fixed Traditional type point sorting for triple mains
2.11.4 Jan 23, 2018
  • Adjusted Race Point refreshing after race edits when points column not shown
  • Fixed situations where manual lap counting shortcut keys with car numbers over 10 weren't registering
  • Added additional checks to make sure bump-up prompts weren't being skipped when time table tries to switch races
2.11.3 Dec 21, 2017
  • Fixed an issue regarding first lap numbering in recalculation scenarios
  • Fixed issue around detailed time table choosing the next race when a round is no longer selected
2.11.2 Dec 14, 2017
  • Lap counts have been adjusted to not count invalid breakout laps
  • Bump-up count now adjusted if changed while a race is running
2.11.1 Dec 6, 2017
  • Updated tie breakers to account for ascending/descending switch in custom point setup
  • Updated driver sorting to be case-insensitive
  • Updated leaderboard cloud sync to show more tie-breaker information
2.11.0 Nov 28, 2017
  • Added paid column support for event file importing
  • Tweaked estimated position round filters on the race screen to only show when they can be used
  • Cursor position fixes for keyboard shortcuts when creating new drivers
2.10.2 Nov 13, 2017
  • Fixed issue with some ladder main seeding scenarios
  • Fixed issue with double main reports where all drivers weren't in both races
2.10.1 Nov 1, 2017
  • Added triple main tie breaker "Total" option. Uses all 3 results and tie breaker is sum of all their laps and times.
  • Fixed final sorting of triple main Traditional tie breaker rule
2.10.0 Oct 25, 2017
  • Added a button to apply race setting changes immediately in the race settings flyout once the race starts
  • Added the ability to undelete a deleted lap in the race lap flyout on the race screen
  • Added button to quickly assign a unknown transponder to a driver if the name is the same but class is different
  • Added last lap coloring to easily show if it was a fast or bad lap
  • Added coloring to the background of the live estimated position column
  • Added precision options for when calculating speed trap (use the PC clock or decoder milliseconds)
  • Added abililty to use 'v' to complete bump up selection (instead of having to click finish)
  • Added practice display to show data in a grid versus in cards (this will be added to more in the future)
  • Change fastest lap of race to a background color to make it easier to spot from a distance
  • Updated color pickers to allow for transparency adjustments
  • Updated UI in Heat/Main to better group options that relate to the currently selected round
  • Fixed arrows on position change/estimated position indicators
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the prior round seeding option wasn't being remembered
2.9.1 Oct 16, 2017
  • Staggered callouts when race starts changed to be class-specific option instead of global one
  • Added precision adjustments for speed trap so you can use PC time or decoder time deltas for the calculation
  • Changed driver search default search field back to last name instead of first name
  • Fixed heads-up first lap delay - it was in some cases being ignored and using the regular minimum lap instead
  • Fixed issue where do not count first lap after heads-up delay was adding an extra lap at the end
  • Fixed issue where time table automatically finish race was ending races early when adding/removing laps
  • Fixed position arrow direction on the race screen
2.9.0 Oct 12, 2017
  • Updated Final Standings report to include drivers not in the Main
  • Series points will now include all drivers in an event, even if they didn't make the main, in qualifying order below those that did
  • Added many new options for start of race countdown (audio and text to speech options included)
  • Added announcement options for practice sessions
  • New main seeding tie breaker option of all laps/time now available
  • Fixed importer allowing for special characters
  • New breakout timing options
  • New auto-printing and saving options for bump-ups heats
  • Added additional options for the Joker lane, including the option to not count joker points until a lap is completed
  • Ability to customize qual points now available
  • Added extra white space at the bottom of race listing for easier drag and drop in Heat/Main from pilot flyout
  • Added filter that when first lap isn't used in heads-up racing, it will also not be used for other calculations (like average) as well
  • Added support for the MYLAPS RC4.5 decoder firmware upgrade
2.8.0 Jun 14, 2017
  • Added ability to breakout or ignore invalid laps in practice mode
  • Added support to allow for an unlimited amount of drivers to be shown on LiveRC
  • Added better UI and time syncing for decoders. Mix and match decoders on the same track for split times
  • Added announcement option to call our drivers when their individual staggered start begins (great for rolling start callouts)
  • Added button to remove incomplete races on Heat/Main screen
  • Added race information announcement option to only announce race number or announce race, class, and heat
  • Page and and page down now switch rounds on the race screen
  • Option now available to always go to race 1 when switching rounds
  • Global sound options now moved to the Mixer tab under settings (more options coming here soon)
  • Optimized start race saving, so larger races should begin faster
  • Fixed an issue with raw decoder information saving in the background when decimal point culture a comma
  • Fixed a few scenarios where drag and dropping over a pilot during a race was not resorting results immediately
  • Fixed issue where importing doesn't override permanent car number if already set
  • Fixed issue when assigning track transponders by race number/car number
  • Fixed issue in point series where dropping results per track was only dropping from what you had, even if you didn't run all events
  • Fixed import bug where drivers imported multiple times causing an error
2.7.1 May 25, 2017
  • Fixed issue where Dismiss All button for unknown transponders wasn't working
  • Fixed issue where setting heads-up do not count first lap was also being enforced on staggered start races
2.7.0 May 24, 2017
  • Added announcement options on race screen for current race, future races, and marshalls
  • Track type, global class categories and types are not software edition specific
  • Driver registration grid now shows nick name
  • Corrected display of best x of y on main seeding types that do not support it
  • Fixed race browser to once again allow for sorting of car numbers
  • Fixed issue where choosing an event doesn't immediately announce the first race until you go to the race screen
  • Fixed issue where race lineup not changing correctly after the first race
2.6.3 May 17, 2017
  • Added permanent car numbers to race flyouts
  • Race screen now shows race class color and class name and heat in selection
  • Fixed top 3 consecutive estimated qualifying position display
  • Moved privacy option in practice to a checkbox at the bottom of the window to avoid misuse
  • Added race screen column options to show clock counting up and down for staggered races
2.6.2 May 8, 2017
  • Added driver membership club region field
  • Added alternate naming option for ladder mains (now call them A or B)
  • Deleting a lap for a finished driver now make them available to run another lap
  • Fixed an issue where older databases were having an issue being restored on login
  • Fixed an issue with a few double main tie breaker options loading into the estimated qualifying position
2.6.1 May 6, 2017
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some tracks to have issues creating a main round
  • Adjusted up and down arrow position on the race screen for easier use
2.6.0 May 4, 2017
  • Added Race Lineup flyout button on race screen to help track exact order of vehicles on the track
  • Announcer now indicates laps left when running timed races with the lap limit option turned on
  • Segment times for splits are now visible as a practice display box option
  • Added optimizations around saving of background data
  • Updated UI at the top of the race screen - removed cluttered borders and boxes
  • Fixed an issue where active event wasn't being updated on LiveRC when broadcasting practice and switching to racing
  • Fixed some announcements happening on invalid laps
  • Fixed issue where child was sometimes having an issue authenticating with the parent upon login
2.5.2 Apr 24, 2017
  • Optimized graphics for sharper on-screen displays
  • Updated report viewing and printing to not scale based on some image (dpi) settings
  • Open practice speed trap now shows fastest overall and last measured with red for slower and green for quicker
  • Optimized connectivity with I-Lap
  • Fixed some driver announcement triggers
  • Fixed issue where track transponders were still showing on heat sheets even after a personal was assigned
  • Fixed an issue where older decoders in some cases weren't showing unknown transponders to drag and drop on race screen
2.5.1 Apr 20, 2017
  • Optimized cloud syncing performance
  • Fixed laps remaining announcement issue during races for individual drivers
  • Fixed issue where changing decoder type was sometimes keeping an old decoder connected
2.5.0 Apr 19, 2017
  • Decoder icon has been changed
  • Driver search now shows first, last, and nickname along with a trophy icon to show driver is in event
  • Practice can now broadcast to LiveRC without the creation and selection of an event
  • Practice reports now found in a Reports flyout button on the left (no longer under the event section)
  • Practice now has the ability to adjust 3 main pieces of data to display among many options
  • Ability to run a speed trap during open practice and report on best speed trap times in Reports flyout added
  • Added final lap and countdown announcements
  • Added laps remaining announcement for a lap race
  • Added custom announcements (type it in, and use function keys to have the computer read it off)
  • Added points to award drivers in a series for attending x amount of events
  • You can now add and subtract cameras and fine-tune their handoff in the Practice and Race camera flyout
  • Decoder setup area updated with better details shown per decoder
  • Decoders now displays serial number, firmware version and download links (when available)
  • Updated launch screen with better offline guidance and new fix tools
  • Added option to not count first lap per drivers in a heads-up race
  • Toggle available to hide laps in race result printouts
  • Added new tie breaker option in Series, and added tool tip support to explain tie breakers (hover over the ? mark)
  • Increased the volume of the sound effect output from 50% of the master Windows volume to 100%
  • Top 5 Average is now a Main Seeding option
  • LiveRC updates for broadcasting races by laps (and not just time)
  • Added option to remove transponder number from other drivers when adding it to a driver
  • Added new sounds for leader and joker lane crossings
  • Added more passing information in the Data Decoder tab
  • You can now copy any Event (not just the last 10) when creating a new event
  • Added birthday, gender, and club information for drivers (optional entry, not required)
  • Fixed an issue with ROAR import file format
  • Fixed some highlight refreshing not taking effect right away in race reordering
  • Fixed issue where total points for a triple main not showing when 2 of 3 races were run (fixes itself after 3rd race is run)
2.4.0 Jan 24, 2017
  • Added the ability to run private practice sessions that will not sync up to LiveRC
  • Added joker lane lap limits
  • Added ability to not count joker lane laps with fastest lap calculations
  • Improved Reedy estimated position calculation to included mutliple classes
  • Fixed a cloud syncing issue that was happening when an event wasn't selected
2.3.0 Jan 19, 2017
  • Estimated Position data from race screen flyout now broadcasts to LiveRC
  • Added new Analysis flyout on race screen. Easy view a driver's location, race, and practice history
  • Updated Race Brower on race screen to show class color and heat information
  • Added ability to (optionally) import City and State
  • Added new tie breakers to use for Main Seeding and Double Mains
  • Fixed issue where series point weren't calculating if Main round races were left unfinished
  • Switched to a different, more robust datetime picker
  • Fixed issue when copying event and some point rules not migrating property
  • Fixed issue where events without heats not showing up on RaceBoard
  • Added error wording tweaks when cloud is having internet connection errors
  • Added event completion tracking
  • NickName now shown on LiveRC broadcast if shown on race screen
2.2.0 Dec 14, 2016
  • Added support for automatic camera switching during broadcast to LiveRC
  • Replaced seconds with hours, minutes, and seconds selector for easier race length and time table use
  • Fixed issues with permanent car numbers being used during practice
  • Fixed best x of y issues with HRQF reporting
  • Added printer tweaks to automatically print closer to the same way PDF saving is done
  • Improved performance when saving large races
2.1.0 Dec 6, 2016
  • Race column ordering is now remembered when you close and re-open
  • Race column visibility toggles now available for most race columns
  • Updated sound player to fix issues and add MP3 and MIDI support
  • Replaced printer black and white option with quick link to Windows printer options
  • Added steps for using Open Broadcasting Software for LiveRC under the broadcast area
  • Updated colored buttons to look the same in Vista as in Windows 10
  • Fixed practice laps scrollbar to allow viewing older laps no longer on the screen
  • Made adjustments to round results report to keep races together on the same page
2.0.1 Nov 28, 2016
  • Increased computer voice length to allow for foreign language packs
  • Fixed event importing to bring in car colors properly
  • Fixed automatic practice printing and black and white printing that was too zoomed in
  • Added more right-click area in practice sessions to copy the transponder number to the clipboard
  • Added additional manufacturers to the driver car information list
  • Added back to back highlighting fixes for heat listings
2.0.0 Nov 23, 2016
  • Updated user interface with more access to features quickly through fly outs
  • Reports have been redesigned, condensed, and show track logo if available
  • New LiveRC cloud syncing updated to fully push live and historical race information
  • Tracks can track type and length, and report on length covered in an event
  • Race classes now have an assigned color for display and reporting
  • Rounds can now allow multiple transponders for a driver in qualifiers and mains
  • Races can now restrict a maximum amount of laps per driver
  • Events now allow for main seeding by Race Points, which are based on the finishing position of the race
  • Race Point seeding allows for HRQF with additional tie breakers to choose from
  • Top 3 Consecutive laps show highlighted on reports sorting by that result in practice
  • Settings allows for changes of competitor name, time, and measurement units
  • Updated Open Practice driver selection logic to better guess the driver to assign
  • Drivers can now have a permanent car number and body colors assigned for display and report printouts
  • Additional sorting logic for multi-loop setups on heads-up style racing
  • Added speed trap options for tracking speed over 2 closely buried loops
  • Added joker lane support for optional route tracking
  • New leaderboard reporting for results across rounds for every main seeding option now available
  • Estimated Position now works for double mains as well as triple mains
  • New driver searching options. Search by name, nickname, and transponder number
  • Added new simplified reporting for detailed time tables
  • Buttons now colored when adding or deleting items
1.19.3 Apr 26, 2016
  • Added view and print results to race browser for quick access
  • Editing event settings is now only available when not running a race
  • Fixed Excel export option when viewing results
1.19.2 Apr 20, 2016
  • Fixed TQ indicators on the race screen
  • Fixed an issue where a driver with only DQ results was not appearing in the main seeding list
1.19.1 Apr 15, 2016
  • Fixed live sorting during a practice round when sorting by fastest lap
1.19.0 Apr 13, 2016
  • Consolidated IFMAR rules now that electric and nitro tie breakers are the same
  • Drivers can now be selected with a single click instead of having to double-click
  • Practice rounds can now be sorted by fastest lap
  • Track transponders can now be assigned by matching car number per rack
  • Point series results now filter out events that are in the future
1.18.1 Apr 6, 2016
  • Added UI and sorting tweaks to driver search
  • Fixed segment highlighting when using silent splits
  • Report exports now adjust to portrait and landscape changes
  • Fixed point series calculations when a main is created but not run (for situations like rain-outs
1.18.0 Mar 29, 2016
  • Added support for multiple decoders. You can now track segment times, pit stops, and more!
  • Added PNG export for all reports. Easily take images and upload them to Facebook for sharing
  • Added Push to LiveRC for an easy way to post any report to everyone watching your event
  • Added the ability to upload a file that you created to LiveRC in the Broadcast area once online
  • Fixed an XML error that was coming at times when pushing informatin to LiveRC
  • Fixed some cloud syncing issues where rounds were not connecting to global IDs properly
1.17.1 Mar 9, 2016
  • Added ability to change minimum lap time during a race
  • Added fixes for cloud syncing
  • Added ability to sort by result position in Race Browser tool on race screen
  • Added on-road and off-road tie breaker toggle for Reedy race format
  • Fixed issue with Top 3 Consecutive TQ display on reports when driver broke on a previous round
  • Fixed issue where position announcement not working without driver/car number announcement turned on as well
1.17.0 Feb 24, 2016
  • Replaced Marshall and Next Race tools on race screen with new Race Browser Tool to allow selection of all races in the round
  • Added ability to toggle off forced start in staggered start races
  • Added ability to limit laps in a practice round
  • Added lap counts per race class to lap count reporting
  • Fixed issue where after scrolling in a detailed time table, users were unable to select and edit items
  • Added toggle for creating local manifest XML for broadcasting. This feature will be removed in the future.
1.16.0 Jan 27, 2016
  • Added lap count reports under the Track > Records tab
  • Added ability to mute sounds and announcements separately
  • Added announcements of just laps (and only tenths) during a race without name/car number
  • Added ability to re-validate practice laps by a specific class in data tools
  • Added import tab under data tools to bring in exported drivers without registering them to an event
  • Ladder mains final bump up will not appear despite the 1/2 odd/even races happening in reverse order
  • Fixed countdown announcement happening every minute before the race begins
  • Fixed parent/child transponder drop and drop issue where a disconnect was occurring
1.15.3 Jan 15, 2016
  • Now allowing for 1/2 Main bump up prompt when running Odd and Even in any order
  • Fixed default sorting option when new round is created back to Random Order
1.15.2 Jan 15, 2016
  • Added new HRQF heat seeding option
  • Fixed issues some tracks were having with syncing up new events to LiveRC
  • Fixed issue where ladder mains were not allowing adjustments of practice/heat round amounts
1.15.1 Jan 13, 2016
  • Added global sound on/off toggle in lower right
  • Fixed sound setting issues with accounts with multiple tracks
  • Fixed issue with child computer after logging in
1.15.0 Jan 11, 2016
  • Added controlled practice clock announcements
  • Added top driver announcements at a given interval during a race
  • Round reporting can now be sorted by race class or event class order
  • Fixed track transponder assignment logic when more than one rack of transponders exist
  • Added ability to adjust how far back events can be retrieved through the LiveTime service
  • Adjustments made to the cloud sync to slow down syncing on errors
  • Fixed issue when editing a race class while open practice is running
1.14.1 Jan 6, 2016
  • Add exceeded time coloring to practice sessions
  • Drivers now mark registered if set as paid
  • Marshall and next race tools now immediately refresh upon changing the heat/main
  • Fixed issue with a few customers not able to log in due to timezone issues
  • Fixed fastest lap highlighting in data tools in heads-up races
1.14.0 Jan 5, 2016
  • Minimum lap times can now be fractions of a second
  • Cloud syncing has been updated to be more efficient
  • Fixed driver selection losing focus at times in the driver screen
  • Track announcer can now announce the race, including class, heat, and driver order, before a race
  • Track announcer can now call minutes, seconds, quarters of a minute, and less than five seconds before racing begins
  • Track announcer can now call position along with car and lap times each lap
  • Track announcer can now call the race done when finished is pressed or time table is told to automatically end the race
  • Race directors can now restrict entry into an event if membership is expired on a per-event basis
  • Paid tracking added to each event, and reports reflect if drivers have paid or not
  • Offline race starts no longer have a delay when LiveRC automatic broadcasting is on
  • Tracks now track the last layout change, and track records can now be generated
  • LiveTime can now host multiple child backups at the same time
  • New data tools allow for the deletion of past decoder passing records that are no longer needed to improve performance
  • Event configuration now allows laps or time tracking to be different between heats and mains
  • Scoreboard now outputs driver name and race class information
  • New race laps tool on the race screen allows for detailed viewing of all race laps for any driver during a race
  • Macau country flag has been added
  • List selection of tracks, race classes, and events now uses the entire height of the window for easier searching
  • Events are now listed in descending order, so the most recent ones can be selected without scrolling
  • Race classes now have an associated color that will be used for display and reporting in the future
1.13.1 Oct 29, 2015
  • Fixed issue when restoring a database backup
1.13.0 Oct 27, 2015
  • Point series now allows points for participation and qualifying position
  • Point series can now drop lowest points per track
  • Point series now allows specific events to have a multiplier, so an event can be worth double, triple, or more
  • Driver ability can now be assigned and a round can be seeded by it
  • Double main tie breaker by best single position added
  • Report added to see all track transponders used by an event, in what race, and by whom
  • Data tool now had added features to choose sorting type in practice and see raw decoder info next to laps
  • Practice sessions idle timer can now be turned on and off as needed
  • TQ display now shown locally and online during a Main round
  • Fixed issue where sometimes series and scoreboard aren't shown green even though they are running
  • Fixed problem around creating a folder in the Documents folder if you don't have permission
  • Fixed issue with time table if no races had yet be created but the time table was turned on
  • Fixed display issue in triple main estimator tool after a race is completed
  • Fixed tool in Data area to check unknown driver practice sessions and assign them appropriately
1.12.2 Oct 2, 2015
  • Fixed an issue where races with track transponders were not loading properly
1.12.1 Oct 1, 2015
  • Scoreboard support has been added (RMonitor compatible)
  • Multiple transponder tracking for a driver in practice rounds option added
  • Forced laps now have a zero length for both keyboard and right-clicking on the race screen
  • Keeping car numbers now the default when creating new rounds
1.11.1 Sep 22, 2015
  • Added ability to edit race results while another race is running
  • Added decoder lookup to see saved loop crossing records
  • Fixed issue that occurred when clicking on data before selecting a track
  • Better seeding display to only show qual or HRQF points when appropriate
  • Adjusted position numbering when ties occur on HRQF points report
1.11.0 Sep 15, 2015
  • Added Heat Race Qualifying Format to main seeding options
  • Added ability to seed top drivers together or spread them across heats of a race class
  • Practice round creation now has all the same options as when creating a qualifying round
  • Added ability to switch between the term Main and Feature for the final round
  • Child database can now be restored by selecting a file path
  • Parent and child now sync transponder changes and bump up selections on the race screen
  • Race results now allow you to print just A-Main/Feature results
  • Qual points and HRQF points reports now allowing printing by a specific race class
  • Added a race result export to the Event Exports tab
  • Added foreign character support for LiveTime service for syncing with RaceVision and RaceStation
  • UI change in the race screen for tooling options, now vettical buttons that pop-out and display data
  • New data icon in the upper right does database backups, practice session adjustments, and will have more data editing features in the future
  • Sounds are now split between a Sounds tab and an Announcer tab under Tracks and will be expanded in the future
  • Fixed issues with time table always selecting the last race in a round and not progressing after bump ups
1.10.2 Aug 29, 2015
  • Fixed issue where after finishing open practice LiveRC would not be changed to racing status
  • LiveTime Service updated to send 2 weeks of practice and racing data to RaceStation (kiosk) without needing an event selected
1.10.1 Aug 28, 2015
  • Fixed an issue on the event screen when using the time up down arrows
  • Added better validation on practice tools in the event practice tab
1.10.0 Aug 27, 2015
  • New zoom feature in the lower right allows open pracice and racing display to adjust to any screen
  • LiveTime Service now connects to a new version of RaceStation (for tracks with kioks)
  • LiveTime Service now connects to RaceVision (for tracks who want to display practice and racing progress on different computers/TVs/monitors)
  • Open Practice now broadcasts on LiveRC
  • Open Practice now shows lap location estimator
  • myLaps decoder will now connect with LiveTime (P3 or Enhanced) via Serial connectors when RS232 is set to the Remote option
  • Qualifying and AAA Main estimator now shows position changes and coloring if driver is improving or not
  • AAA Main estimator now shows points earned in prior races for the same main letter
  • Open Practice now displays a car number for future connections with scoreboards
  • Event registrations has a new report grouped by race class
  • Database restore now allows a .db file as well as a .bak file
  • Fixed an issue where adding a new driver to the race once the timer expires caused an issue with finishing
1.9.7 Jul 16, 2015
  • Link added for easy access to buy hardware from the Account screen
  • Export folder is now named after the actual event name and not the event ID
  • Report fix to allow viewing of reports without a printer installed
  • Fixed issue where time table not automatically advancing in detailed time table
  • Time until start display no longer appears when viewing a completed race in the upper left
  • Temperature and voltage now being sent as part of the LiveRC broadcast (will be displayed in LiveRC in the near future)
1.9.6 Jun 23, 2015
  • Creating double or triple mains will now also copy drivers over so they don't need to be manually added
  • Sponsor sheets now have additional categories
  • Selected tool on the right-hand side of the race screen will now remain selected when changing races
  • LiveRC now shows full driver list before check-in and race start
  • Typing in a new driver search de-selects the current driver in the driver screen to prevent incorrect edits
  • LiveTime database backup now re-starts broadcasting and service if it was on beforehand
  • Child mode no longer allows the time table to run, which caused the parent and child to be out of sync
1.9.5 Jun 16, 2015
  • Final rankings now apply to ladder mains
  • Ladder mains are now counted as part of a series
  • Minimum events completed for race class added to series
  • Mains can be seeded by best lap in qualifiers
  • Race car numbers can now be re-numbered by race
  • Fixed issue where database tracking of UTC date was preventing loading
  • Better display of finish/tie breaker rule on race results
1.9.4 Jun 11, 2015
  • Added double-main result sorting by best result
  • Switched order so that drivers, then lap times, are read off during a race if both options are enabled
  • Fixed issue where false starting while the time table auto-completes causes an issue
  • Added additional checks around Windows sound player to make sure issues do not interfere with practice and racing
1.9.3 Jun 2, 2015
  • Performance improvements with larger databases while cloud syncing
  • Reedy tie breaker changed to use top 3 position lap/times
  • Improved messages around adding unknown transponders to a race without a driver assigned
1.9.2 May 13, 2015
  • Added frequencies and classes for quadcopters
  • Fixed issue where adding a driver after a race is complete on the race screen was causing issues
1.9.1 Apr 26, 2015
  • Improved print button speed in open practice on individual driver windows
  • Re-ordered practice session laps to show from first lap on down in practice session report
  • Fixed issues around multi-tasking while open practice is running
  • Fixed issue where hitting Print button during open practice for race slot was not showing laps
1.9.0 Apr 20, 2015
  • New option to keep car numbers when re-seeding for new rounds (including mains)
  • Added ability to right-click and change a car number for any driver
  • Paper formats for printing now support Letter, Legal, and A4
  • Triple-A main results now post to LiveRC
  • Completed race results can now be moved to different completed races, and results can be migrated
  • Prompt to switch race classes now available when a driver is moved between completed races
  • TQ indicators now appear on main race results
  • Improved practice lap display and saving performance
  • Removing a driver from a race no longer re-numbers the rest of the car numbers in the race
  • Added a race history tab in the driver screen for easy review and result printing for that driver
  • Heat sheets and results now have larger round and race number information
  • Heat sheets now have a larger driver font for easier reading
  • Sponsor sheets can no be printed blank
  • ROAR sign-ups can now be directly imported via the Events Import tab
  • Trackmate decoder hardware is now supported
  • Unique driver count now appears on heat sheet event summary
  • Fixed issue with Series where drivers were given TQ points for each round won (and not just for mains) in a multi-main event
  • Fixed issue around importing drivers without transponders and not adding a frequency
  • Fixed issue with detailed time table skipping breaks when a new round is created
  • Fixed issue where importing track transponders was having an issue when too many crossed the loop too quickly
1.8.9 Mar 30, 2015
  • Improved speed of pushing XML files to LiveRC
  • Improved speed of database connection for saving raw lap information
  • LiveTime service hosting will now accept connections if your computer connects through ethernet and wi-fi at the same time
  • Adjusted IP address validation checks to allow last octet to be 0 or 255
  • Fixed issue where a race with only unregistered drivers was not duplicating into a new round correctly
  • Adjusted sorting of 'Traditional' Triple-A Main Tie Breaker selection
1.8.8 Mar 24, 2015
  • Improved options for adding a driver who crosses the loop on the race screen
  • Drivers not in the same race class now appear and can be added to a race on the race screen
  • Race screen now shows race class registration for each driver prior to the start of the race
  • Added additional double main information on bump-up screen and race result reports
1.8.7 Mar 20, 2015
  • Fixed issue where time until start of race not showing up on the top of the race screen
1.8.6 Mar 20, 2015
  • Refresh back to back colors when race reordering
  • Fixed double main sorting issue with certain triple main scenarios
  • Duplicating round no longer adds unregistered drivers
  • Better background handling of issues when detailed time table race is not found
1.8.5 Mar 12, 2015
  • Added Top 3 Consecutive main seeding
  • Added IFMAR (Nitro Classes) main seeding
  • Added IFMAR double main tie-breaker option
  • Changed round and race display to be easier to read between races on the race screen
  • Added a big countdown timer to appear when time table race start countdown is running
  • Added the ability to reorder races by moving a race class to the beginning of the round
  • Added a unique driver count for the event
  • Fixed issue where drag and drop didn't work on the event screen when you had to scroll down
  • Fixed drivers that are no longer registered to again show up in red
  • Fixed issue where drivers starting with a lowercase letter are sorted below all capital letter names
1.8.4 Mar 4, 2015
  • Added new re-order screen with race detail comparison and multiple re-ordering options
  • Improved performance when the estimated qualifying position tool is visible
  • Improved drag and drop performance
  • Deleted drivers now still show in series points
1.8.3 Feb 26, 2015
  • Added new start option to call out drivers in a staggered start
  • Added new option to call out drivers each lap
  • Fixed PNG output to now create one file per page
  • Added option to automatically print out results of controlled practice sessions
  • Fixed issue where connections to LiveRC were sometimes lost but not immediately reconnected
  • Fixed issue where switching races sometimes did not automatically select the race class for estimated position list
  • Improvements to drag and drop performance
  • Adding time table items now properly adds notes without having to do an additional update
  • Bump-up screen no longer displays unknown transponders during selection
  • Further point details shown and used for IFMAR (Electric Classes) seeding
1.8.2 Feb 18, 2015
  • Faster export saving after a race is completed
  • New color customization for when a driver crosses the loop when finsihing the race
  • New bump-up feature allows for bump after the first main
  • Bump-up prompt now shows specific breakout when bumping to multi-main (shows 'A1' and 'A2' versus just 'A')
  • Database restoration fix on Windows XP
1.8.1 Feb 13, 2015
  • Added ability to restore a database backup from a prior schema version
1.8.0 Feb 12, 2015
  • Added start tone testing to the race screen
  • Added chase grouping graphics to the race screen
  • Renamed and added better descriptions to tie breaker rules
  • Holding shift and dragging and dropping drivers in Heat/Mains swaps the drivers
  • Race screen TQ list on the right now allows selection of any race class in the event
  • Live EQP column now works for all drivers in a race, even if their race class is different
  • Added better checks for event importing
  • Performance improvements for driver entry and heat/main loading
  • Performance improvements for unseeded driver list in Heat/Mains screen
  • Fix for 'Factory' Jason Pietsch - no longer include 1st lap (if indicated) to average calculations for heads up races
  • Removing registration from heat/mains seeding list no longer resets drivers in race numbers
  • Fixed issue where sponsor sheet report errored when no drivers in an a main were available
  • Added auto-start ability for parent and service
  • Adjusted scroll bar placement in driver screen to help with large events with many classes
  • Moved drivers per race selection above seeding grid for faster access in Heat/Mains area
  • File export for race results now has race class and heat/main in the name
  • Fixed refreshing issues at end of the race to make sure final results and not pace are shown
1.7.3 Feb 3, 2015
  • Fixed issue caused by creating a brand new track and then generating a round
1.7.2 Feb 3, 2015
  • Fixed issue with false start and Windows XP users while broadcasting
1.7.1 Feb 3, 2015
  • Fixed issue where time table race completion and switching was logging errors in the background
1.7.0 Feb 2, 2015
  • Much improved race screen performance (Snowbirds verified!)
  • Race screen no longer delays if internet connection is lost while broadcasting to LiveRC
  • Fixed export event file feature
  • Import now allows for you to only specify a country on one record for a driver and all others for that driver will use it
  • Better performance on account, track, and event screens
  • You can now select and add multiple classes to an event at once
  • Main seeding now front loads the drivers (instead of balancing them)
  • Fixed point series issue where driver not TQ was getting more points than they should have
1.6.0 Jan 28, 2015
  • Added Reedy event format with new round type and result reporting
  • Added a new main seeding for combined time for a variable number of qualifiers
  • Added hotkey of v to finish a race
  • Fixed issue where practice results being sent to LiveRC were sometimes having a write conflict
  • Fixed point series end date to include the full last day in event selection
  • Added tie breaker selection on point series screen
  • Added tie breaker selection for double mains
  • Modified logic where backups get stores before doing a database restore
1.5.5 Jan 24, 2015
  • Database restoring does not cause a sync error
1.5.4 Jan 21, 2015
  • Reorder races button brought back to the Heat/Mains screen
1.5.3 Jan 21, 2015
  • Assigning track transponders when creating a new round fixed
  • New feature added to assign track transponders on Heat/Mains screen to all drivers without one in a round
  • Entries per class now shown on driver screen when registering for an event
  • Improved driver creation performance
1.5.2 Jan 18, 2015
  • Fixed issue where added drivers on race screen were not always the class of the race
  • Performance improvements with driver lookup on race screen
  • Added ability to unregister driver on Event
1.5.1 Jan 17, 2015
  • Fixed issue where removing and resorting races in a round causes them to become numbered incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where dragging a driver into an empty, completed race caused problems
  • Updated lap announcements to not say the word point when less than 20 seconds
  • Marshall list is now sorted by car number
  • Updated LiveRC output to show heat/mains information in black tab above live scoring
1.5.0 Jan 14, 2015
  • Imports no longer duplicate new drivers found multiple times in the import file
  • Practice laps no longer play when in controlled practice and drivers are switching
  • LiveRC feed now includes open practice laps and results
  • Fixed issue where duplicating a round with the assigining track transponder option on was re-assigning track transponders
  • Added smart capitalization to import
  • Added smart capitalization icon to all places in LiveTime that use the feature
  • Fixed left-margin direct printing issue where the margin was larger than it should have been
  • EQP for a driver not in the same race class as the race they are running in is now blank instead of zero
  • Fixed issue where time table, when auto-completing, was not disabling the Finish button
  • Fixed LiveRC TQ to a proper display when a TQ isn't established for the round yet
  • Check-ins are now shown on LiveRC before a race begins
  • Detailed time table does not adjust if a past, completed race is selected
  • Sponsor sheets no longer show outdated companies and instead just offer blanks for drivers
  • Sponsor sheets now print off the top main for the race class, so now bump ups can be printed once placed into the top main
  • Added changes to background workers and parsing to improve performance
  • Enhanced LiveTime Service for future real-time display support
1.4.1 Jan 6, 2015
  • Performance improvements for large driver lists
  • LiveRC uploads now support driver, race class, and track names with quotes
  • Point series reports now show 2015 series after 2014 in he printout
1.4.0 Dec 23, 2014
  • Point series report now shows date range, settings, notes TQ events, and boldens events used
  • Fixed issue where reports were not switching from portrait to landscape correctly when viewing
  • Added minimum ink mode that removed black race headings and alternate row colors to save ink
  • Updated behavior and fixed issues around clicking driver grid
  • Added ability to restore a database backup on a different workstation using the same account
  • Fixed issue that occured when logging under an expired account, then logging in under a valid one
  • Optimized the process of broadcasting to LiveRC, not requiring the system to wait for data to get to LiveRC before continuing
  • System will no longer select newly created round if on a detailed time table schedule
1.3.0 Dec 16, 2014
  • Fixed hyperlinks for computers with default browser issues
  • Added additional XML files for OCRC
  • Fixed delay on installer with WPF Hotfix for Windows XP users
  • Added TQ display during mains
  • Fixed issue where detailed time table not auto-changing after first race
  • Added better information when importing fails
  • Fixed issue where a class was allowed to be removed from an event when races were ran for it
  • Added compatibility with older AMB boxes by sending a protocol preference upon connection
  • Added I-Lap support
  • Optimized saving of laps to speed up responsiveness crossing the loop
  • Fixed issue to no longer allow assigning a transponder to a non-selected driver on the race screen
  • Added class and heat information to the marshall and next race displays on the race screen
  • Added additional information in the series area
  • Added option for printing reports using minimum amount of ink (implementation coming soon)
1.2.0 Dec 9, 2014
  • New column to show qualifying position at the start of the race for easy comparison
  • More options to assign a unknown or shared transponder to a driver on the race screen
  • New TQ icon shows on all drivers running a pace equal to or better than the current TQ pace
  • Added a check to make sure duplicate track transponder numbers can not be added
  • Drivers are colored red in heat/mains area if they are no longer registered for the event
  • Added an ability to seed a qualifying round by best top 3 consecutive laps in past qualifiers
  • Fixed warnings from appearing behind the main LiveTime window
  • Speed improvements taking laps over a serial to usb connection
  • Additional bump up selections will now be moved up properly
1.1.2 Dec 5, 2014
  • Drivers are now highlighted in the heats/main screen if they are in back to back races
  • Time behind the leader and next position up are now shown in their own columns for easier reading
  • Fixed an issue that while assigning a transponder to a driver in the race screen, quick keys on the race screen (like 's') were still active
1.1.1 Dec 3, 2014
  • Added additional compatibility for serial to USB connectors
1.1.0 Dec 1, 2014
  • Updated the installer to apply a Microsoft patch to fix an issue some were having using the heat/mains screen
  • Added Stock EDM as a global class
  • Updated country 'The Netherlands' to 'Netherlands'
  • Fixed an issue where adding a driver to a race in the race screen didn't always register the driver for the event
  • On race check-in, subsequent check-ins will now play the Lap Crossed sound
1.0.1 Nov 25, 2014
  • Allow the viewing of reports even if a workstation has no printers configured
1.0.0 Nov 23, 2014
  • Public launch of LiveTime Scoring Engine
0.9.11 Nov 23, 2014
  • Fixed issue where a connected decoder would sometimes not turn green on startup
  • Automatically scroll the driver clicked to the top of the grid
0.9.10 Nov 23, 2014
  • Countdown time table will no longer progress to the next race when a message is in front of the race screen
  • Countdown time table timer now turns red when a delay occurs before starting a race
0.9.9 Nov 21, 2014
  • Added a warning and grace period around subscription dates when logging into the software
0.9.8 Nov 18, 2014
  • Heat sheet now shows race length in minutes or laps based on event settings
0.9.7 Nov 16, 2014
  • Fastest lap on race results now boldened on print out
  • Added better clock syncing to LiveRC while broadcasting
  • Updated race results editing tabbing order
  • Indonesia and South Korea flag added
  • Subscription on the main page is now more prominent
  • Faster finish race saving while broadcasting race to LiveRC
  • Fixed issue where detailed time table stops after doling a database backup
  • Optimized cloud sync counting to be much faster when sync counts get large
  • Changed right lap highlighting to be twice the fastest lap (change from average lap)
0.9.6 Nov 11, 2014
  • Improved offline performance when ethernet decoder is set up but not connecting
  • Improved start race performance when offline
  • Race results now show best lap for each driver
0.9.5 Nov 9, 2014
  • Better handling of feeds if they are not available
  • Better handling of LiveRC if video archive system is not available when starting a race
0.9.4 Nov 8, 2014
  • Accented name and transponder number on practice session printout
  • Made tweaks to high-volume automatic priniting
0.9.3 Nov 7, 2014
  • Added lap numbers to open practice screen
  • Added voltage and temperature to open practice screen
  • Added transponder and 2 column display of laps on the practice session printout
0.9.2 Nov 6, 2014
  • Optimized heat sheet report to be shown faster
  • Changed driver lookup to be last then first name
0.9.1 Nov 4, 2014
  • Post-beta release
  • Integrated YouTube training video feeds
  • Optimized automatic broadcasting to not delay start of practice or racing
MotorSports Edition is currently in the internal alpha testing phase and will be available soon.