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Try with no risk!
Try with no risk!

Simple pricing that is cost-effective. LiveTime doesn't charge you a huge up-front fee, and we NEVER charge you for updates. Simply pay a low monthly fee when you need it, and updates are ALWAYS free. If you are a club that only races in the summer, just pay for the summer months. It's that easy.

Two powerful tiers - standard and premium. Both tiers of LiveTime are extremely powerful and contain everything you would need to run a world-class event, including unlimited cars in a race, qual points, series points manager, and more. For tracks who want some really cool additional features such as our RaceStation kiosk, we offer a premium tier. You can purchase either tier with confidence - if you want to upgrade your subscription to the premium tier you can do so at anytime for the prorated difference.

Full MyLaps Support Full MyLaps Support. LiveTime has full support for MyLaps scoring systems, including the new P3 protocol that has a car ID, temperature, and voltage. LiveTime supports connecting to the decoder box using both ethernet (IP) and a USB to serial adapter. Supported protocols are "P3" and "Enhanced." The new 3-wire transponders and personalized transponders will work with LiveTime. Both the new RC3 decoder box and the older RC2 boxes are both supported.

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From $29.99 / month


From $39.99 / month
Assign Transponders After Race Starts
One awesome feature of LiveTime is that you can drag and drop a transponder on to a driver after the race has started, and it counts all their laps since the beginning! If you drag a unknown transponder on to a driver 4 laps in, it will pick up all those laps for the driver as if the transponder was assigned to them since the start of the race.
Drag and Drop Almost Anything
Whether you are rearranging drivers in heats, changing the class order, or adding/removing classes to the event, you can easily drag and drop items into their desired place quickly and efficiently.
Multi-Threading Software Design
Each critical task in LiveTime is assigned to a different thread. In simple terms, this means you can enter racers while practice is running without the system bogging, or you can crunch data in the background while a race is running without bogging the race screen.
LiveTime RaceStation Kiosk
If you use our optional RaceStation kiosk, racers can view their lap times with ease using our touch screen interface. They can even print them off and print a QR code to easily bring up their times in the future.
There are so many more options in LiveTime that we can't list them here without writing a novel. Download it for free and try it out today!
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