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Try with no risk!
Try with no risk!

Simple pricing that is cost-effective. LiveTime doesn't charge you a huge up-front fee, and we NEVER charge you for updates. Simply pay a low monthly fee when you need it, and updates are ALWAYS free. If you only race in the summer, just pay for the summer months. It's that easy.

Three powerful tiers - basic, standard, and premium. Get started on a budget with our basic tier, which contains all the core essentials to run races. Upgrade to the standard tier to get tons of features for advanced race management. Or go all in with our premium tier to use our kiosks, tablets, scoreboard monitors, and more. ALL tiers support broadcasting on the LiveRaceMedia network.

Specially designed editions for each type of racing. No two forms of racing are the same, so why use a software system that isn't specifically designed for your sport? All of our editions use the same revolutionary Scoring Engine backbone, but are specially tailored to support race formats and rules for each type of racing.

RC Edition
Radio Controlled Cars
FPV Edition
First Person View Drones
Kart Edition
Kart Racing
Other Editions
Cars/Motorcycles/Drag Racing


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From $9.99 / month


From $29.99 / month


From $39.99 / month
Fanatical Customer Service
From free personalized training, to actual people who talk to you on the phone, our award winning support team is ready to help you get up and running.
Integrated w/ LiveRC.com
Automatically broadcast your event to LiveRC.com without the need for running additional software. LiveTime will take care of this automatically!
Live Broadcasting Tools
Wow your online viewers with on-screen graphics, automated switching cameras, and more.
Multiple Race Formats
Run races using nearly any race format and tie-breaker option you can imagine. Race formats include, but are not limited to Qual Points, Rocket Round, HRQF, Bump-Ups, Double/Triple Mains, and more
Advanced Practice Mode
Run practice with ease and give the racers the data they want to see! Easily print laps for each racer upon request or automatically. If the practice line gets too long, turn on controlled practice mode and our system will automatically tell racers when to leave the stand and when the next group of racers should begin their session. All this is done without the need for you to be by the system!
Series Points Keeper
Easily run points series by setting the series parameters and then selecting which events to include in the series. Calculate and print updated points at the end of each event of the series in just seconds! You can also run multiple series at the same time, such as a Wednesday night series and a Saturday night series.
Detailed Time Table Options
If you want to run a time table to keep your program moving along, we have you covered. From a simple countdown clock between races, to a fully customizable time table generator, you can run your event the way you want to run it. You can even auto-start each race at a specific time to guarantee that things start exactly when they are supposed to.
Import Entries
Easily import entries with 1 click from RCSignup, Excel (csv), and many other supported formats.
Powerful Reports
Generate reports and printouts on almost anything you want. This is especially helpful during big races when media companies want instant data from you.
Real-Time Estimated Position List
See in real-time how the racers in the current race stack up against all the other people in the class. See how much of a lead they have over racers in previous races based on pace, or see how much they need to step it up. All these features help you announce a more entertaining program.
Advanced Race Screen
There are so many helpful features on the race screen that we can't list them all here. From sorting by pace to detecting when a car is broken, LiveTime shows the race director more info than any other system on the market. Easily view the racers most recent laps and add/remove a missed lap exactly where it should have been. Look at the time behind using an accurate time instead of just the number of laps down. Look at the number of positions the racer changed on the last and current lap. See an accurate estimated qualifying positing based on their pace. The list goes on...
Easy Transponder Corrections
One awesome feature of LiveTime is that you can drag and drop a transponder on to a racer after the race has started, and it counts all their laps since the beginning! If you drag a unknown transponder on to a racer 4 laps in, it will pick up all those laps for the racer as if the transponder was assigned to them since the start of the race. You can also use this feature to swap transponders between racers if two or more racers are mixed up.
Advanced Automated Announcing
Configure LiveTime to do as much or as little announcing for you as you would like.
Multi-Threaded Software Design
Each critical task in LiveTime is assigned to a different thread. In simple terms, this means you can enter racers while practice is running without the system bogging, or you can crunch data in the background while a race is running without bogging the race screen.
Detailed Racer Profiles
Store basic data or a plethora of data about your racers. Use this to show cool features such as their country flag on the race screen, or use it to notify them about upcoming races.
Max Registrations Per Day or Event
The maximum number of registrations that you can run per day across all events.
20 Unlimited Unlimited
Decoder Support
These decoders are supported in each tier.
MyLaps RC5
MyLaps RC4
MyLaps RC3
MyLaps RC5
MyLaps RC4
MyLaps RC3
Device Center Capabilities
Device Center enables RaceVision TV monitors, RaceBoard tablets, RaceStation kiosks, support for scoreboards, and other add-on peripherals from LiveTime.
Parent/Child Backup
Run 2 computers side-by-side for redundancy. Set up one as the primary system (parent) and the other as the backup (child). Then, each time you start/stop/save/etc a race on the primary system, the backup system receives the same command. There is no need to hit start/stop on both systems at the same time - LiveTime does it for you.
Scoreboard Support
Support for scoreboards from Daktronics, RaceAmerica, and more.
Reedy Race Format
Run races using the Reedy Invitational race format.
Ladder Mains
Run ladder (bracket) mains with ease. Ladder mains are fully configurable and LiveTime will do all the work for you, including bump-ups and sorting the Finals based on the options you define!
Sector Times
LiveTime allows you to connect to multiple decoders to get sector times, set speed traps, time pit stops, and more.
Joker Lanes
LiveTime allows you to create joker lanes to require racers to take an alternate lane once per race, or allow a short cut once per race.
There are so many more options in LiveTime that we can't list them here without writing a novel. Download it for free and try it out today!
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