Legal Notice

LiveTime Scoring Engine Software End User License Agreement

LiveTime, LLC is the legal business name under which LiveTime Scoring Engine operates.

From hereafter this document will refer to the legal business entity as 'LiveTime'. The following sections refer to the different grants of use for customers of LiveTime (hereafter referred to as a 'track' or 'tracks'). Tracks must fully read and agree to the information contained within this End User License Agreement (hereafter referred to as the EULA).



LiveTime grants to: Tracks who use LiveTime may do so only with a valid subscription or a one-time demo. Terms of the subscription and/or demo are made available on the LiveTime website at Tracks are given permission to use LiveTime on up to 3 computers, all of which must be owned by the same person or business. By using LiveTime software, tracks agree that all data which is recorded in the system immediately becomes the property of LiveTime and can be displayed online, modified, or reused at the disgression of LiveTime.


LiveTime reserves the right to terminate or modify the EULA at any time. It is the responsibility of the track to be aware of changes of the EULA and to check it before using the LiveTime services.


LiveTime strives to make sure there are no bugs, glitches, or security risks involved in using LiveTime products, however LiveTime holds no responsibility whatsoever in the case of damage caused to any person or property from the use of its products. It is the sole responsibility of the track to make sure that all system security fixes and anti-virus software is up to date.

Neither LiveTime, its owners, any of its employees or associates can be held responsible or liable in any way, for any losses or damages incurred by the server as a result of the use of the LiveTime services or website. Furthermore, LiveTime makes no other warranties, neither implied or otherwise, regarding the use of its services or website.

LiveTime will try to provide technical assistance to tracks who request help, however under no circumstance is LiveTime legally obligated or required to do so.


It is the responsibility of the track to make sure their system is capable of using LiveTime software. Under no circumstance is LiveTime obligated to refund a track do to their lack of system requirements. Under the circumstance a track is unable to use the LiveTime track service due to the fault of LiveTime, which include but are not limited to faulty programming, extended server downtime, and lack of services promised, LiveTime will hold the option to refund the track's money. Extended server downtime is considered any calendar month in which the server is unavailable for more than 10% of the time. Under special circumstances, LiveTime may refund a track's money at the sole discretion of LiveTime.


LiveTime strives to continuously improve its services and website. Updates and upgrades to software and websites maintained by LiveTime will be available to tracks based on the terms of the track’s service plan.


LiveTime holds the copyright to its software, data, website, services, and all other tangible and intangible content (hereafter referred to as materials). Under no circumstance may the track either directly or indirectly try to hack, reverse engineer, modify, recompile, or in any way use the materials provided by LiveTime in any way other than their intended purpose provided by LiveTime. All material on LiveTime may not be linked to or used to provide a service by any track, company, user, or other type other than that by LiveTime unless explicitly stated by LiveTime. Failure to comply with these stipulations may is punishable by law and may result in (but is not limited to) a lawsuit of copyright infringement.

All data (limited to the data described in section I-A) that is sent to the LiveTime servers by a track is legally owned and copyrighted by LiveTime immediately after it is created.


The EULA shall represent an agreement between the track and LiveTime, and it may not be modified by the representations of anyone, unless a written amendment is signed and agreed to by all owner(s) of LiveTime.

The track is entering into this license agreement in the judicial district of Wisconsin's Brown County and contains all instances that the services or website(s) of LiveTime is used by the track.